Evangelism is the Answer?

At a recent meeting of Southern Baptist minds (my mind was not invited to meet) I had an interesting discussion with a bureaucrat. I told him I was the pastor of a small congregation.

Bureaucrat: How are the finances at your church?

Me: Well, we are making ends meet - barely.

B: If you want, I could come to your church and lead an evangelism program. I've had so much success with it and the churches I've done it for are really doing well.

Now, at this point, I didn't know what to say. Weren't we just talking about church finances? Is evangelism really the answer to even church finances? Or, was he just plugging his program so that his finances would improve?

I believe we have entered the age when our theology has been simplified to the point that nothing trumps evangelism or as it is now know in the Southern Baptist Convention the Great Commission.

This national bureaucrat had nothing for a small church pastor. What is happening to us?

Stay Strong!

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