The Tailor, the Pattern and the Dress

Based on Exodus 37

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom the king called for a convention of all the tailors and dress makers in his realm. The decree to come to the capital was published and all the clothiers excitedly gathered for a grand gathering of their craft.

The king held a banquet in their honor. For several days meetings and sessions were held on the latest technologies and methods of creating finery. On the last evening of the convention the king addressed the assembled craftsmen. “I have been pleased to invite you to the palace for these days of refreshment and learning,” the king said. “Now, I have a challenge to present to you. Each of you will be given a pattern for a garment, a pattern that I have created. You will be provided with all the necessary equipment and assistance you need to create it. One week from tonight all the entries will be presented to me and I will select the winning item. The tailor who created the piece will become my royal tailor and be stationed here in the palace.”

The pattern was distributed and the meeting adjourned. Back in their rooms each tailor eagerly opened the pattern and looked over the design. One of the most famous of the tailors was confused. “This is for a dress,” he said. “The king doesn’t have a queen or a daughter or even a niece! I know what I’ll do. I’ll make him the most stunning men’s suit he’s ever seen.”

Another of the gathered dress makers opened the pattern and was horrified. He was famous for making formal gowns for the wives of the king’s courtiers. “What a simple mess this is. I know what I will do. I will make the king the most beautiful formal dress that the kingdom has ever seen.”

The tailor who created the modern styles for all the latest the celebrities was equally shocked. “How homey and bland,” he said. “I will create the most wonderful, exciting fashion ever seen on stage or screen.”

But there was one simple tailor from a poor, distant village who marveled at the king’s design. “How wise my king is,” he said. “Even the art of finery is mastered by him. I know what I will do. I will take this pattern and make this lovely dress according to his specifications.”

Just as the king promised all the equipment, resources, material and assistance each of the tailors needed was provided. No expense was spared. For a week each one worked in secret creating the garment meant for a king.

The night of the presentation came and it was a royal affair. All of the king’s court was invited, the Queen Mother was on hand, and all of the leading citizens were in attendance. After the meal was served and the evening’s entertainment had concluded the stage was set for the grand unveiling. As the curtain went up the crowd roared with approval at all of the magnificent designs.

The king slowly made his way through the mannequins. Each one was carefully examined by him. Finally he turned to speak to the waiting spectators. “This is a wonderful display of the artistic ability found in our kingdom.” Applause rang throughout the hall. “However, there is only one item of clothing on this stage which I will choose as the winner. It is the one which stayed truest to my design and followed it to the letter. I asked for a dress to be made according to my pattern not a suit or a formal gown or a modern fashion as seen on celebrities.”

The king walked over to the dress the simple tailor had created and motioned for his aids to help him remove it from the mannequin. A hush fell over the audience. Holding the dress in his arms he said, “I created the design for this dress with someone special in mind.” With that the king motioned off stage and a lovely lady entered the scene. This is Bianca, and I have asked her father for her hand in marriage. She will be your queen.” The gathered citizens rose to their feet with thunderous applause.

The king handed the dress to the young woman and she exited off-stage. In a few minutes she reemerged wearing the simple tailor’s creation. It perfectly matched her size and its colors complimented her eyes and skin tone.

 The simple tailor ascended to his new royal position and he and his family moved into the palace to serve the king and his queen, Bianca. The king’s design, rejected by all but the simple, in the end was the wisest choice.

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